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VR Access Solutions is a manufacture / supplier / designer for Access Solutions and Scaffolding and Associated products, the company is founded upon a great deal of industry expertise which has allowed for the company to achieve great success. As a sole manufacturer of non-mechanical access products, VR Access Solutions enters the market at the very top. Not looking to add yet another range of standard products to the market, the VR approach is one of quality and innovation; in essence, with the company bringing a range of products which stand head and shoulders above those already present in the market.

Prioritising quality design and the use of sturdy, reliable materials such as steel, VR Access Solutions puts its best foot forward with the very products available. Through extensive product and material testing, the company is able to clearly quantify where, and how its products can excel, how they differ from those of direct competitors, and also provide an in-depth survey of statistics and product information for the modern-day builder.

At present, the company's signature system scaffolding is the Tunlok 460. Exceeding the criteria for quality, technical specification and compliance to EN 12810, EN 12811 and TG20:13, the system is, at present, the strongest known product on the market, and also one of the world's most popular scaffolding systems. Renowned for offering a fast, simple and conventional scaffolding system with innovative improvements on the side, the system has only four component fastenings and is standalone manufactured, certified and compliant in its own right. as are all products which are Certified to the Associated European standards. Compliance and Quality audits are carried out by UKAS external bodies to ensure products are made the highest of standards.

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