VR Access Solutions Ltd

VR Access Solutions
VR Access Solutions is an BSI 9001-2015 audited manufacture and supplier of Scaffolding and Associated products. VR Access Solutions is founded upon many years of industry expertise. We have a UK based manufacturing facility for our Turnlok system and ancillary products.

Hire & Sales
VR Access Solutions operate from 3 locations in the UK:-
•Basildon •South Birmingham •Glasgow
We offer competitive rates for equipment which can be delivered to your depot or site to suit your program. We also welcome collection by your own transport.
We have the transport capability to deliver to all areas of the UK from a single pallet to a full artic load.

The company's signature system scaffolding is Turnlok460.
Exceeding the criteria for quality, technical specification and compliance to EN 12810, EN 12811 and TG20:13, the system is, at present, the strongest known product on the market. Turnlok is one of the world's most popular scaffolding systems. Renowned for offering a fast, simple and conventional scaffolding system with innovative improvements for simplisty of use, the system has only four main component fastenings and is standalone manufactured, certified and compliant in its own right. All products are Certified to the Associated European standards. Compliance and Quality audits are carried out by UKAS external bodies to ensure products are made the highest of standards.

At VR we believe in high quality and innovation, prioritising highest quality of design and materials which meet all EURO and UK codes of practice. Through extensive product and material testing, the company is able to demonstrate exceptional product quality guaranteeing piece of mind for the end user.