Extendable transoms scaffolding


VR Extendable Transoms offer a solution for a quick intermediate support of scaffold boards within tube and fitting scaffolds. They are able to provide extension of the built in inner tube 1, 2 or 3 Board inside boards. Fully adjustable where the method of construction requires adjustment of the scaffold away from the face of the building. This process saves significant labour and materials where the face of the building changes during construction. Particularly useful where facing bricks are to be installed after the main steel or timber frame has been erected.

These galvanised steel products combine 3 loose components into one lightweight, robust and manageable item. Additional flexibility is achieved when variations are required to the inside (cantilevered) portion of the working platform. Available to suit a range of main platform widths and a range of inside boards, They offer a telescopic inside cantilever reducing from either 3 boards or 2 boards down to 0 inside boards, this is easily achieved by simply sliding back the telescopic insert. No fittings require removing, no boards have to be lifted and there is no disruption or perforation to existing scaffold sheeting which may be present.