Readylok Transoms


VR Readyloks are a mobile transom system that prefabricates a transom tube and 4 fittings to produce a rigid unit that speeds scaffold erection,
VR Readylok are designed to be used in conjunction with standard scaffold tubes and ledgers or extendable transoms to form 5 - 4 or 3 board wide system access scaffold. Standard tube and fittings are used as intermediate transoms or extendable transom units which can be extended for inside board support,

VR Readylok complies within the requirements of BS EN 12811-3:2002 Temporary Works Equipment - Part 3: Load testing ,
BS 1139-2.2:2009 Metal Scaffolding and TG20 Design-guide National Access and Scaffolding Confederation. 2013 revised 2016

Available electro plated , Galvanised or Powder coated

Readylok User Guide