Scaffold Fittings

Supa ties


The supa tie is not an anchor or a scaffold fitting, it's a scaffold tie that connects the scaffold to the anchor.

The anchor is an item that is fitted into a wall that will hold a tensile (pull) load and/or a shear (transverse) load.

A supa tie has a threaded end that screws in to a drop in expansion anchor.

Therefore, it's the drop in expansion anchor that should be tested, not the supa tie as the supa tie is a secondary fitting.

If the drop in anchor is CE approved in a known strength substrate (wall/floor/ceiling) then the manufacturer will have a data sheet for the anchor and no preliminary testing is required, only proof of installation testing (i.e. has it been fitted correctly).

If the anchor is not CE approved or the strength of the substrate is not known , then a preliminary test is required before hand to determine the allowable loads of the anchors to be used, and a proof test following installation to ensure the anchor was correctly fitted.

Code of practice for post installed in anchors is BS8539. For scaffold anchors, it also comes under TG4:11

SWL in tension is 54.7 kN Bolt only
SWL in shear is 36.5 kN Bolt only

Supa Tie E (long) is designed to secure scaffold tubes running parallel to a masonry wall at any angle.

Weight 1.23 Kg

Supa Tie F (short) is designed to secure any scaffold tube or transom at right angles to the face of masonry wall. Unique cam action allows for non-accurate alignment.

Weight 1.09 Kg