Both Turnlok 355 and Turnlok 460 carry their own independent accreditation to BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811,

Turnlok 355 is the standard Cup type system extensively used by scaffolders, with Turnlok 460 developed with a higher grade material specification as an alternative higher grade system. Both these systems have their own unique user guide.

Similar to the original Cuplok manufactured by SGB, both Turnlok systems are manufacturing trademarks of VR Access Solutions Ltd. All components are clearly identified by the VR trade mark, and to maintain full traceability each component also has its individual product code and manufacturing date. The individual product code is important as it appears on all paperwork, delivery notes and is easily referenced in the specific system user guide.

Either Turnlok system can be mixed with other similar Cup type systems, as long as the engineer reads the respective user guides and incorporates the lower individual safe working load values into the design.